IELTS Exam Preparation Courses

Objectives of our IELTS Exam Preparation Courses:

  • To achieve desired IELTS band
  • To familiarise students with the IELTS exam format
  • To introduce and practice essential IELTS exam techniques
  • To learn academic vocabulary specific to the IELTS exam
  • To practice all skill areas under timed, exam conditions
  • To assess students progress according to IELTS exam marking criteria

IELTS Exam Preparation Course Options:

  • Evening courses:  4 hours of tuition per week without breaks
  • Full-time course: 15 hours of tuition per week with breaks, 12 1/2 hours without
  • Full-time PLUS! Course: 17 1/2 hours of tuition with breaks, 15 hours without including additional Writing & Speaking Language Skills Workshops*
  • Super-Intensive course:  30 hours of tuition per week with breaks, 25 hours without*
  • IELTS exam Experience Saturday course:  a full day of a formal, simulated, mock IELTS exam with all papers.  Students receive an IELTS score at the end along with a full report on their areas of development.

*suitable for Short Term Study Visas

Prepare for entry to UK Universities or a visa to live and work in the UK with IELTS, the world's most popular exam.  Our tutors are experienced in preparing worried students by focusing on the specific skills needed to get the IELTS score they are aiming for. 

We run a fantastic 34 hours of IELTS exam preparation every week (including break times) so students who want an IELTS Super Intensive or IELTS Full-Immersion Course can make really fast progress.  As a 'rule of thumb' we say that a student requires around 6 weeks of 15 hours per week tuition to increase their current IELTS score by 0.5. We half this estimate for those studying 30 lessons per week. 

Come in for a free test and a consultation with an experienced tutor who can assess your current IELTS score and provide you with a personalised study plan.


We're very proud of our past success. View our previous exam results to see how past students have fared. 

Which IELTS Course?

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Watch our helpful video here outlining the differences between the IELTS & Cambridge Exam Preparation courses. Helping you choose the English exam preparation course that suits you. 

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Use our tool to test your English language skills. We will email you the results with a grammar level from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) and provide you with course options.