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Financial Courses in London for Beginners & those on an Economics A-level course.

Learn_Financial_Trading_London_Course.jpegTutor Michael Cross in his trading days!

Introducing Finance course London’s Interactive Course: The Ultimate Financial Learning Experience for Sixth Form Students or those interested in learning all about the market!

Are you an economics teacher seeking to provide your students with a head start in comprehending markets and finance? Are you a sixth form student enthusiastic about enhancing your understanding of this intricate theme and shining during university admissions? Are you simply interested in starting to trade? Your search ends here! Interactive Course is here to revolutionise the way you grasp finance and markets.

Originally crafted for bright minds aged 16 to 18 in the UK, Interactive Course offers an engaging and exhilarating platform to delve into the realm of finance. Led by Coach Michael Cross, a former futures trader with 5 years of experience, this week-long course will captivate and challenge students with its distinctive game-based approach to learning.

Why Choose our Interactive course?

  1. Engaging and Enjoyable: Learning about finance needn't be uninspiring! Interactive Course transforms education into a dynamic experience, where each decision propels you towards comprehending financial markets.
  2. Hands-On Challenges: The course is brimming with interactive challenges and activities, ensuring students remain actively involved and amplifying their learning journey.
  3. Competitive and Enlightening: Interactive Course upholds a competitive yet amicable ambiance, enabling students to compete and cooperate as they tackle real-world financial scenarios.
  4. Elevate University Admissions: Completing our course empowers students to converse with authority, stemming from their hands-on experience – not only did they learn about diverse market participants, they actually assumed their roles and made decisions on their behalf.

What to Anticipate: Throughout the Interactive Course, students will dissect financial markets, cultivate strategic mindsets, and attain a deeper grasp of how the economy operates. Via role-playing, students will immerse themselves in real-life scenarios, honing their ability to make astute decisions in an unstable and demanding market.

By collaborating in groups, every participant/team receives tailored analysis, igniting their minds and maximising their learning potential. Interactive Course's immersive and inventive techniques nurture teamwork, communication, and critical thinking abilities – all crucial assets for forthcoming university and career triumphs.

Why Educators Embrace Interactive Course: Economics teachers will regard Interactive Course as an invaluable augmentation to their curriculum. The game-based learning methodology infuses new vitality into the subject matter, capturing students' attention and fostering active participation. It serves as a supplementary enhancement to conventional classroom instruction, igniting a love for finance and economics in your students.

How to Commence Your Journey: To enrich your students' comprehension of markets and finance while elevating their university admissions prospects, secure a spot for Interactive Course today. Don't overlook this chance to equip your students with invaluable financial knowledge and furnish them with a competitive edge for their forthcoming endeavours. Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of finance with Interactive Course today!


Course makeup:

Module one: General introduction

This is our week long general introduction to financial markets and their participants. It is our most popular module and has served hundreds of students to date. Upon completion, our students will have understood what a market is, which institutions and traders participate in markets, their motivations and strategies, and the basis of their decision making processes. This module gives a good general understanding of the theme, with an emphasis on engaging and interactive content.


5x 120 minute lessons

info pack with examples of historical market movements, trading decisions, strategies and philosophies. 

In our curriculum we will explore:

  • Day 1: General introduction, interactive simulation of a market
  • Day 2: What is a market? - Centralised and OTC market exchanges, how and why they function as they do
  • Day 3: Who are the market participants?  A look into who Pension funds, hedge funds, and individual speculators are.
  • Day 4:How are decisions made? How capital is overseen, what is a mandate, and what constraints do institutions / money managers have
  • Day 4:Historical examples of market movements and famous decisions
  • Day 5: Autumn 2023 topic – Central banks, interest rates and inflation. How our institutions affect markets, and how those markets affect out every day life

Course Dates for Module One

Twice weekly Course (Runs every month):

• Start Date: Monday 6th November 2023

• Frequency: Every Monday & Wednesday

• Time 6:30pm

• Duration: 5 lessons finishing on the 3rd Monday of the Month

​ Autumn Half Term:

• Dates: Monday 16th October 2023 - Friday 21st October 2023

• Time: 10am start

Holiday Course:

• Dates: Thursday 17th December - Wednesday 23rd December 2023
• Time: 10am start

Spring Half Term Course:

• Dates: Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February 2024
• Time: 10am start

Summer Half Term Course:

• Dates: Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May 2024
• Time: 10am start