Learn English & a Popular Musical Instrument in London

Are you a musician who wants to improve their English to work in London or New York perhaps?  Maybe playing the electric guitar is your hobby and you also want to learn English?  Maybe you are studying the bass guitar at a music school in Paris and you want to do this in English in central London?  

English courses run in the mornings (9.15am to 12.00pm) and the afternoon (12.30pm to 3.15pm).  One-to-one musical instrument lessons with an experienced music teacher run every day from 3.30pm.  You can design the course for as many lessons per week as you like and for as many weeks as your English course runs.  Just let us know what length of course you want!

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English Course times:

  • Mornings:  9.15am to 12.00pm (up to 12.5 pure hours with a teacher per week)
  • Afternoons:  12.30 to 3.15pm (up to 12.5 pure hours with a teacher per week)
  • Evenings:  6.30pm to 8.30pm (up to 3.5 pure hours with a teacher per week)
NB Lessons are scheduled to have a 30-minute in any 3-hour block.  However, teachers and students may agree to finish 15 minutes early with a reduced 15-minute break.  The important number is the pure hours with a teacher.

Please note that the Islington Centre for English is British Council accredited for the teaching of English language only and not for any other area of teaching.


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