ICE English School London Prices!

 How much does it cost to learn English in London?


teachers.jpgWe are confident that Islington Centre for English has the best value, high quality, low-priced English language courses in London. We were judged London's Best Value Budget Language School by E L Gazette in 2013 due to our cheap English course fees, low maximum class size, British Council and awesome location in such a cool part of central London!

A low price doesn't mean sacrificing quality, as our students attest in these English school reviews.

Students can also come in for a FREE trial English lesson to get an idea of the course before enrolling.

International Junior Classes 2024

Dates and Prices per Week:

From Monday 24th June 2024 until Friday 23rd August 2024

  • 1 week:  £279

  • 2 - 4 weeks cost per week:  £235

  • 5 - 8 weeks cost per week:  £199

DISCOUNTED PACKAGE PRICE! Tuition plus Activities:  £449 per week only
A £75 registration fee is also payable which includes a course book, an English level test and consultation.


Standard English School Fees

Registration fee is £75. 

NB students get a course book with the registration fee.  All subsequent* course books must be purchased & cost around £35. 

*after your first one

Non-refundable accommodation booking fee is £55.

Social programme event costs will be shown on internal publicity (posters in the school).  Most events will not have an entry fee. Where there is one, it is very unlikely to be more than £10 per event.

Current Exam Fees (plus £15 booking fee)

N/A = Not applicable | PB = Paper-based exam | CB = Computer-based exam

IELTS Academic & General Training Module £185 N/A PB/CB
Cambridge English FCE £160 N/A PB/CB
Cambridge English CAE £163 N/A PB/CB

ICE The Best Value English School in London!

tim_pic_2023v2_1.jpegWhy do we think our English school is the best value in London?  We are considering 1. low prices 2. an amazing central London location 3. excellent Google reviews.

1. ICE English School Prices

 Every year, we compare the prices of the British Council-Accredited English schools in London and ensure that we are cheaper per week than 90% of the other schools in over 90% of the English courses. For example, we compare how much it costs to learn English for 4 weeks every afternoon, 12.5 hours per week or how much it costs to learn English Intensively for 2 weeks.  Our English students are often price-sensitive and so we keep prices low as this is what our English school is known for. 

How can we keep prices so low?

We believe that a good English language school primarily needs great teachers.  Like the teachers are ICE, those who are not just experienced and qualified but also those who love the profession and want to stay teaching English for many years.  At ICE, we don't have a helicopter pad, a swimming pool or a vast library.  What do we have?  Well, we think we have the best English teachers in London.  

2.  Amazing Location - Where is our English school?

The Islington Centre for English is in zone 1, central London just opposite Angel underground station in Islington. Our London Borough is famous for many things including:  two Prime Ministers (Boris Johnson and Tony Blair lived here), over 30 theatres, hundreds of night clubs and bars, the historic Chapel market where we eat our lunch most days, the incredible restaurants of Upper Street and a world famous English language school to name but a few. There is no better place in the world to learn English and see the historic sights of London.  We are 15 minutes on the Northern line from Oxford Street, 10 minutes on the tube from the old City of London and a 10-minute walk from from Kings Cross International station!  How good is that??!

3.  4.5* Google English School Reviews

Check out our English Courses London reviews to see what students say!

Other great stuff we could have said...

Did we forget to mention the Weekly London Social Programme in which our students visit the coolest places in town every week to have fun, make friends and practise their English?  

What about the Free Conversation Club for all enrolled students every Wednesday afternoon?

Has anyone suggested that one of the best selling points about our English school is the maximum class size of only 15 students?  Not bad for a course that can cost as little as £90 per week for a 12.5-hour English course per week.  This is our 44-week afternoon course.  

And our super side range of nationalities represented in each English class?  Students from France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Turkey...

I think we should have said that our English courses are also really flexible and you can study part-time or full-time or intensively depending on what your week looks like!  

Transportation information & Prices

Up-to-date Transport for London (bus, underground & train) prices can be found here:

How to get from my Airport to my accommodation/ English school in London

Get your visitor Oyster travelcard delivered to your house in your country!

A typical takeaway lunch in Islington will cost around £8 including a main course, a drink and something sweet for desert.

Black London Taxis are very expensive.

The bus is usually the most economical way of getting to school.

If you are driving, then watch out for the congestion charge!

Test my English languague

Use our Islington Centre for English tool to test your English language skills. We will email you the results with a grammar level from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) and provide you with the best English course options for you.