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Super Intensive & Full Immersion                                                                                                   

Course Start Date Any Monday
Maximum Length of Course 48 weeks
Group Size 15 students maximum
Times  9.15 to 12.00pm & 12.30 to 3.15pm Monday to Friday


At the Islington Centre for English (ICE), London these are our most popular courses for serious students and all levels are welcome. The Super Intensive and Full Immersion General English courses enable you to make maximum progress in every skill area, in as short a time as possible. Both English courses are popular with students sponsored by a company, those hoping to go on and take an IELTS exam or anyone looking to learn English as fast as possible. Whatever your reason, these are the best courses to improve your English quickly and be fully immersed in the language. 

You will learn to communicate effectively and more fluently, in everyday English, as you practise Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar and Pronunciation in a wide range of fun and educational student-centred activities. On enrolment students take a test to find out which of the six levels is best for them to study. As you go through your course there are regular tests to monitor your progress and on completion you will receive the ICE Certificate of Study.

All of our experienced tutors are native English speakers and classes have a maximum of 15 students. Choose either of these courses to get the best possible results in the shortest time-

Super Intensive General English Course (30 hours per week including breaks)

Morning classes- 9.15-12.00pm

Afternoons classes- 12.30-3.15pm

Full Immersion General English Course (34 hours per week including breaks)

Morning classes- 9.15-12.00pm

Afternoons classes- 12.30-3.15pm

Evening classes- Tues and Thurs 6.30-8.30pm

At Islington Centre of English, it’s not all about learning. Join in with our weekly social events, make new friends and explore exciting London.  

We are one of the best value English schools in London and welcome potential students who may wish to join us for a free trial class. We are located just opposite Angel tube station- why not contact the Islington Centre for English to arrange a time!

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Studying English intensively, as opposed to only a few hours per week, can provide several advantages.

Firstly, intensive study allows for more frequent exposure to the language, which can help with retention and improve fluency. By spending more time immersed in the language, students can practise using English more frequently, which can help build confidence and improve their ability to communicate effectively.

Secondly, intensive study can help students develop a deeper understanding of the language. When studying English for only a few hours per week, students may not have enough time to fully grasp complex grammar concepts or vocabulary. Intensive study provides more opportunities for students to delve deeper into the language and gain a more comprehensive understanding.  Indeed, students who study Intensive English (more than 20 hours per week) have less opportunity to speak their own language which is often a distraction.  Intensive English courses provide the conditions for greater focus!

Thirdly, intensive study can help students achieve their language goals more quickly. If a student has a specific goal, such as passing an English proficiency exam or preparing for a job that requires English proficiency, intensive study can help them reach that goal faster by providing more focused and targeted practice.

In conclusion, while studying English for a few hours per week can still be beneficial, intensive study can offer several advantages, including more frequent exposure to the language, deeper understanding of the language, and faster achievement of language goals.  Learn English on our Intensive General English course in London!

Test my English languague

Use our Islington Centre for English tool to test your English language skills. We will email you the results with a grammar level from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) and provide you with the best English course options for you.

Course Information

Our courses for individual enrolments are for adults.  The minimum age is 16.  Junior courses are provided for 11 to 16 year-olds as part of group tuition packages. 

See more General information about our courses or read our Terms & Conditions of enrolment. 

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