English Course for Beginners

Starter English Courses at our School in London

Many schools in London do not provide courses at CEFR A1 levelteachers.jpg.  Islington Centre for English is different! The course currently runs every afternoon from 12.30 to 3.30 and welcomes those students who are able to say little more than 'hello'.

Beginners classes will have a super-friendly tutor who is aware of the fears and insecurities of many low-level students.  It is just as important to build your confidence in a language as it is your grammar and vocabulary!

Common topics at this A1 level include:

  • Numbers & letters
  • Pronouncing English vowel sounds
  • Simple functional English ('At the Post Office', 'Saying hello to your neighbour' and introducing yourself)
  • Simple vocabulary areas such as common everyday objects, parts of the body
  • Use of the present simple tense

The next step is the Elementary English Course for the more confident beginner.  There is always something to aim for!

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