Safety at our English School in London

Safeguarding of U18s - Advice & Policies

Studying English at our school is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all that London has to offer.  We want to do everything possible to help you or your child have a safe, productive stay in London studying English.  So, we take your safety & security seriously.

  • Training:  All staff are at least Safeguarding Level 1 trained & enhanced DBS-checked.  Management are trained to a minimum of level 2 and Safeguarding Lead & Deputy Lead are Level 3 qualified.
  • Staff security: All staff are enhanced DBS-checked.
  • London Cultural Programmes:  Meetings are carried out with group leaders on arrival to add important local knowledge to cultural programmes.  Specific risk assessments to each destination are provided to group leaders and any risks particular to current events such as transport delays, demonstrations, football matches for example, are discussed.
  • Shared Responsibility:  All staff recognise their responsibility for the safeguarding of U18s and will alert senior management immediately of any concerns.
  • School Absences:  Any U18 year old who is more than 15 minutes' late will trigger an investigation.
  • School Social Programme:  U18 year-olds are not permitted to attend social programme events in which alcohol is present.
  • School Visibility: All U18 year-old students are required to wear a luminous wristband and carry a completed 'Stay Safe at ICE' card.
  • 'Junior Group' Leaders sign a safety contract in which they agree to take responsibility for the welfare of their group outside the school premises.  We will provide the group leader(s) with all possible advice and support in matters of safety.
  • During school hours, an ICE member of staff will accompany U16 students to and from external classrooms as applicable.  ICE members of staff will not accompany students over the age of 16 to external classrooms.

For their safety, there are a few special things that U18's are expected to do at ICE:

  • Wear a luminous Under-18 wristband
  • Sign in every day at reception so we know the teenager is at school.  If we don't see a signature, we will call his/her registered adult.
  • Fill in and carry a Group Safety card at all times.  Students are encouraged to ask their teacher for help if they have any questions about this.
  • If the student can't come in one day, he/she must let us know on 0207 278 5553 or send an email to
  • We want to know how the student is getting to and from school.  Does he/she get picked-up?  If so, by whom?  We also want to help with directions & public transport information.
  • Not to drink alcohol.  It is illegal in the UK for under-18s to drink alcohol.
  • Not to talk to strangers.

Juniors - 11 to 15 year-olds

Emergency contact number:  Tim +447540696505

We welcome junior students in closed groups taught by enhanced-DBS checked English tutors.  All junior groups are accompanied by a group leader.

ICE does not usually accompany junior students to and from their accommodation.  Travel arrangements are made by the family and the group leader.  A host family representative will accompany juniors to the nearest station before the start of the first school day and show the child(ren) how to get to our school.

Group leaders are expected to meet junior students at a local meeting point and travel to school with them.

16 to 18 Year-olds in Mixed Nationality, Adult English classes

Minimum age for adult, mixed nationality classes at ICE is 16.  So, whilst the vast majority of our students in these classes are over 18, there can be a small number of students aged 16 or 17.  All students are aware of this minimum age.   ICE will assess the student's suitability to study with adults before being allowed into the class, during the level test/ consultation process. If the student is judged to be not suitable, then he/she will be offered alternative options such as one-to-one lessons or refunded tuition fees.



Under 18's



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Course Information

Our courses for individual enrolments are for adults.  The minimum age is 16.  Junior courses are provided for 11 to 16 year-olds as part of group tuition packages. 

See more General information about our courses or read our Terms & Conditions of enrolment. 

Transportation information & Prices

Up-to-date Transport for London (bus, underground & train) prices can be found here:

How to get from my Airport to my accommodation/ English school in London

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A typical takeaway lunch in Islington will cost around £8 including a main course, a drink and something sweet for desert.

Black London Taxis are very expensive.

The bus is usually the most economical way of getting to school.

If you are driving, then watch out for the congestion charge!

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