The ICE Teaching Team

"Teaching and learning is outstanding" ISI inspection report 2013

The most important element of any good English language school is its teachers and ours are a really lovely bunch.  Writers, musicians, dancers, actors or career teachers, they all share certain characteristics; they are talented, motivated, qualified native speakers who love to see students improve their English.

Qualifications and Training

In accordance with British Council standards, all our English teachers are minimum CELTA (or equivalent) qualified.  Our brilliant Director of Studies, Anna Saunders is a DELTA-qualified teacher trainer who oversees in-house training for all our teaching staff. Core-team teachers also have access to external training sessions run by English UK.

Native Speaking Teachers

We think it is a healthy aspiration for students to want to sound like a native English speaker. For this reason, all our teachers spoke English with their families growing up.  We know that students arriving from Spain do not want to study English in London with a Spanish teacher; it could defeat the object of travelling to London to improve your English, we think!  We believe that the best 'English as a Foreign Language' teachers have a deep understanding of the idioms we use in anglophone countries.

Excellent Student Reviews

Here is what a few of our former students have said about our teachers:

"Jan helps me on pronunciation. Sarah gives detailed comment on my grammar. Young John give me lots of suggestions in writing. They are all very passionate teachers."

"The teachers (Sinead, James and Aviva) were great, they managed to teach everything they knew in a very dynamic and fun way"

"Synead (sic) helps me with the grammar and she supports me all the time, she is amazing. Jan is an excellent teacher, because he teaches me pronunciation and how to learn from my mistakes, he is amazing. I am very grateful to them. Thanks so much."

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