Islington Centre for English

Policy on attendance and punctuality

Copies of this policy can be found in Teachers & Students Handbooks

ICE is not a Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) and so does not receive Tier 4 students. However, if you are in the UK on any kind of study visa and do not attend regularly, we will report this to the Home Office and this can affect your chances of travelling to and/or living in the UK.  Our policy is set out below:

Student attendance

Teachers and office staff, if you notice any unexplained absences please report this to the Director of Studies (DoS). Teachers must remind students about their attendance and speak to them if there are any concerns. At the end of the week, please sign the register. This is an official and potentially legal document and teachers must ensure that it is completed accurately every lesson. If students do not attend their course for two consecutive weeks they will be asked to leave and their name taken off the register.

Student absence procedure for teachers

If there are any non-visa students who are failing to attend, please inform the DoS. If they have been continually absent for 2 weeks, ICE reserves the right to remove them from (take the student off) the register. This can only be authorised by the DoS or our Head of Administration.  If a SSSV student does not attend for 2 consecutive weeks (2 weeks in a row), the office must make contact to establish why this is happening and to repeat to the student the importance of attendance.  Should a student come into the UK on a SSSV and not come to classes, inform the ETO (overseas school partner) and the Home Office by email.  If the ETO introduces more than one student who does not attend, stop working with this company.

Timekeeping for students

Students!  Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your lesson and make sure you are well-prepared.  Unless the student has talked about this with the teacher, if a student is more than 15 minutes late for the class, he/she will be asked to wait until after the break to enter the class to avoid disruption.  The teacher will the student absent if he/she fails to return after the break.  This does not apply to evening classes as there is no break time.  

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