Journalism Work Experience London

This course is suitable for PON C5 funding

This Course is aimed at:  Groups of students - minimum 5

Minimum age:  16 years

Location:  Islington Centre for English, central London

Course length:  1,2,3 or 4 weeks

Hours per week: tailored

Course Summary

Join our Journalism Work Experience Course and mix real, hands-on journalistic experience with 'English for Journalists' Language course at the Islington Centre for English in association with British Learning Academy. 

Component 1: The Language of JournalismACE_ICE_general_187.jpg

Students study specific vocabulary, grammar and other stylistic elements with an experienced, native speaking tutor in the following areas:

  • The Headline
  • Collocations: What words go well together?  Tom bitterly regretted stealing the money.  Julie shed few tears over the incident
  • Adjectives and adverbs:  vocabulary building
  • Efficiency:  Write less and say more
  • Inversions:  Not only did..., but also...
  • Participle clauses:  Given the current grave situation, many believe...
  • Journalistic Styles:  A comparison of broadsheets and tabloids, printed and electronic
  • The language of blogging - internet journalism
  • TV & Video News presentation
  • Focus on the language of politics
  • Focus on the language of sports
  • Focus on the language of disaster

Component 2:  Theory

Among other topics, students will learn how to critically examine pieces, what makes an effective article, headline writing, compare online & print journalism and tabloid/broadsheet styles.  They will also receive practical advice on how to get a piece published, ehat editors want and how to take advantage of the social media revolution.

Component 3:  In the Field

Students will gather news, record and edit video, write and publish a blog, carry out interviews and much more.

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