English for Journalists

for speakers of other languages

Hours per week:  2

Number of weeks:  12

Evenings:  Tuesdays

Times:  6.30pm to 8.30pm

Cost:  £349 plus £50 registration fee

Maximum class size:  15 students

Learn the language of newspaper, online and TV journalism in this 12-week evening course in Islington, zone 1, central London.  Study journalistic language with an experienced, native speaking tutor on the following areas and much more:

The Headline

Collocations: What words go well together?  Tom bitterly regretted stealing the money.  Julie shed few tears over the incident

Adjectives and Adverbs: vocabulary building

Efficiency: Write less and say more

Inversions: Not only, but also…

Participle Clauses:  Given the current situation, many believe…

Journalistic Styles: A Comparison of Broadsheets and Tabloids

The language of Blogs

TV & Video News Presentation

Focus on Political language

Focus on Sports language

Focus on the language of disaster


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