Iain Scott Founder & Director, Base Creative

  • Real advice from working industry professionals
  • 35 hours of classroom tuition plus group and project work
  • Only £1500!

Supercharge your CV with this 4-week professional diploma in Digital Marketing! 

Course length:  4 weeks for full Diploma or 2 weeks per Module 1 & 2

Class Tuition hours:  35

Delivery method: Classroom-based with an industry professional tutor

Cost:  Modules 1 & 2 £1500 for 4 weeks.  Single module: £899 for 2 weeks

Maximum class size:  12 students

Course start date: 10th February 2020

Timetable:  3.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Assessment method:  Tutor-assessed written and spoken presentation of a detailed, targeted Digital Marketing Plan.

Supercharge your CV with this 4-week professional diploma in Digital Marketing!

These are essential skills for employees in every company in every industry, and this broad course gives you the means to design and implement an electronic marketing campaign.  From Social media content creation to internal website SEO via email marketing and Digital strategy creation, experienced industry professionals from the award-winning electronic marketing company, Base Creative will share their expertise with you.  At the end of the course, participants are assessed on their written and spoken Strategic Digital Marketing Plan, which is presented to the class.

It should be considered a foundation course in Digital Marketing as it introduces you to a wide range of topics.  All experience levels welcome.

Tutorials are carried out at the Islington Centre for English, in zone 1, central London opposite Angel underground station and will include a visit to the offices of Base Creative along with lectures from Islington Centre for English founder & Director, Tim Shoben.

You will participate in the following sessions:

  1. Introduction to the course, overview of topics covered and outcomes/expected learning, end of course coursework & presentation, Introduction to digital marketing, its effectiveness, where it works, where it doesn't.  Understanding customer journey
  2. Developing marketing strategies and defining digital marketing goals.  The importance of measuring success & how to do it.
  3. Understanding and learning about your online audience
  4. Understanding your brand and message, external communication strategy and how this translates online
  5. Creating the simple website: pt1
  6. Creating the simple website: pt2
  7. Creating engaging content that keeps people coming back: learn what your audience cares about
  8. How to create engaging video content, and where to post it
  9. Understanding what search engines love
  10. When to use paid search marketing and how to get the most from it
  11. Bringing in email marketing into the mix (and GDPR)
  12. Organic social media, post creation, scheduling, measuring
  13. Using paid social media, without breaking the bank
  14. Effective email marketing
  15. Measurement and tracking: Google Analytics 101
  16. Presentations, Q&S and feedback



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